Como Hackear Facebook account with or without software

  • Everyone is curious to hackear Facebook online and want to know answer for Como Hackear Facebook account? To begin with do not start downloading all the software tools that are claiming to hackear Facebook account, these are basically malicious software and you will definitely wind up losing your privacy exposing your information and system resources. Facebook is somewhat difficult to hack because it uses safe file encryption and dose not store the passwords. Keep reading and explore Como Hackear Facebook with or without using any software.
  • As the question Como Hackear Facebook with or without software? remains unanswered, lots of people do many things without proper knowledge or tools. Here I list some of the ways to Hackear Facebook account Phishing In this technique a webpage that looks similar to Facebook is made and in fact it is send to victim via email so when they type in the password, you get the info and they are redirected to another site of your own.(it is reasonably easy and you can see video clips for this on YouTube) Key logger tool A software key logger is a tool which will record all of the keystrokes made by the user and the user is unaware of the fact that his or her activities are being recorded.
  • The software has to be installed in the victim’s laptop or personal computer. It will start recording keystrokes when user start working and continue to do the same in background. This tool will provide information about these keystrokes via email. Use Stealer Software Almost 80% individuals use stored passwords in their browser to gain access to Facebook. This is useful, but many times, it can be dangerous. Stealer’s are software’s specifically created to catch these passwords saved in your Internet browser.
  • Reset the Password Attempt to reset the password from Facebook itself. But, it really works only if you know that person or he is your close friend. Because you need to enter the details about the victim. Using Trojan Send a Trojan to target person’s computer utilizing a document binder and include Trojan in PDF document or word file and somehow force them to download it and you will get the total control of their laptop or personal computer as well as you can now view their on-screen routines.
  • How prevent hacking of your Facebook account Create a powerful password. Use combination of alphanumeric as well as other wildcard letters as your password. Password should be long enough 2) Check the website url whenever you sign in. 3) Never use public computers. For instance Cyber cafe. 4) Never discuss your passwords with strangers. Now you know Como Hackear Facebook account with or without software. Please use it for fun purpose among your friends and avoid any sort of unethical hacking.